Friday, December 23, 2011

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Have you heard of this new trend, "Ugly Christmas Sweater" parties?

I suppose the premise is that all those sweaters bedecked with patchwork snowmen, glitter ornaments, and fuzzy reindeer are rather tacky.  And since people getting into the holiday spirit seem to be compelled to purchase one or two.....well, we may as well embrace the Ugly!

There are actually online companies who specialize in these fashion "don'ts", and some have even added pants, hats, etc.  One enterprising woman from Maine began buying up all the "uglies" she could find in her local thrift shops, and she takes them to a new level of UGLY by embellishing them even more with fringe, glitter, pompoms, etc.  She was interviewed recently on Fox News and showed samples of her "finery" to all of America.  She says her business is thriving!

This crazy fad got me thinking about the reality that there isn't too much available in the way of truly beautiful Christmas apparel.  I began to visualize exquisite hand-painted silk jackets in rich colors and elegant designs.

Or, how about a simple top to wear with classic black skirts or pants?  Maybe a little festivity added with metallic paints and glitter?  (Applied sparingly, of course).

OK, the wheels of creativity are turning again in my brain!  What do you think of this concept?  Is there still a market for tasteful, wearable art?  
I want to experiment with this idea.  Would love your feedback. 

Until then, live creatively.... and have a Joyous Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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